I created the website following a blog (in French) that I started in Paris to discuss the innovation ecosystem and new technology. This is an attempt to further discuss innovation rethinking TECHNOLOGY at the intersection of BUSINESS & DESIGN, including its impact on society.

@CreaTechIO, together with @CareTechW and @PaceTechQ, is the username of social media accounts created to curate Tech News by hashtags/topics introduced in the βIO Vision.
The vision for βio-inspired Innovative Organisations is to CREAte social ImpactTECH for City Liveability as a CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY paradigm built on two other shifts.
Digital WealthCARE TECH Web is the BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE brought by a Web of Values or so-called Web 3.0, from a metaverse social media to a new whole cyber world in the age of Digital Ubiquity.
of esPÆCE TECH Quantum is the DESIGN ENGINEERING of solutions based on Quantum science and substantial challenges such as Space Race or Species exploration to foster a better Future Society.

CreaTech.BIO is still a project in the making. Its AICO Mission: fostering a Creative βIOEconomy by developing an Augmented Intelligence, a Creative and COllaborative Intelligence that doesn’t only rely on the so-called Artificial Intelligence.